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mPower launched an ECHO shared learning and knowledge exchange network with Project ECHO. The network started in March 2021 and completed in May 2022, with a total of 14 sessions. In network was well attended and the feedback and evaluation has been excellent: 

  • Over 95% of participants stating when surveyed, they would like to participate in the mPower network again. 
  • 95% of participants agreed the topics delivered where relevant to their role. 
  • 48% of participants said they have shared the mPower ECHO learning with other members of staff or services. 

Please see the ECHO mPower Report for more information about the ECHO evaluation.  

The ECHO sessions were facilitated by members of the Network. The programme was varied and co-designed with participants who identified education topics. 

The reason for joining the ECHO network was the attraction of the structured format which had proven to be a success in Northern Ireland to the extent of being adopted regionally and mandate by the then Health and Social Care Board.  

The regularity, the same time of the day, and the early publication of the year’s themes helped to make the sessions valuable learning spaces. The platform helped to start conversations by bringing experts to the table to share their extensive knowledge and experience, followed by facilitated and open discussion to exchange best practice methodology. The non-hierarchical nature of ECHO lends itself to shared learning.   

The support of an administrator provided valuable additional resource. The administration of the mPower sessions were not susceptible to de-prioritisation due to other project priorities. There were still some challenges with finding educators and facilitators on occasions, but these would have been encountered for any series of shared learning sessions. Some project team members were reluctant to facilitate but this soon dissipated as others took on the role and eventually this was seen to be a skill, they were glad to learn.  

Establishing an ECHO for future similar cross border activity would be a recommendation from mPower. The only consideration might be to where content is stored and aiming to avoid duplication with a project website. As ECHO own the copyright of the recordings there was not a possibility to move these to the mPower legacy website which would need to be considered in future.

You can still join the network to watch any of the sessions as detailed below – joining instructions are at the bottom of this page.

The mPower ECHO sessions were:

mPower ECHO Knowledge Network

Case Presentation Schedule

Year 1 – 2021

9 Sessions – 26 Education Presentations

Presentation Date & TimeCase PresentersCurriculum / Education TopicFacilitator
Wednesday 10th March 2021  Klaire Trench-Morris plus beneficiary.The very simple things that will make a difference to a beneficiary through wellbeing, mental health and eHealth  Nicola Maher, Sue Long
Wednesday        14th April 2021Marcella O’Dowd & Aidan McCabe  Frailty – how do we build resilience and provide supportPeter Mitchell, Marcella O’Dowd
Wednesday         19th May 2021Aidan McCabeThe impact of Social Isolation & Poverty on mPower beneficiariesAidan McCabe, Chris McGrogan
Wednesday            16th June 2021Nicola Cooper, Lynn Anderson & Sue Long  Assisting older people engage with technology – ADAM & KOMPSusan McKie, Anna Terje
Wednesday 7th July 2021Nicola MaherSharing learning and resources across mPower PartnersSue Long, Cate Thompson  
Wednesday         15th Sept 2021  Susan McKie & Sue LongHow to we support our beneficiaries – now and post pandemicNicola Maher
Wednesday 13th October 2021Sue Long & Susan McKieHow mPower can support Hospital Discharge?Peter Mitchell, Marcella O’Dowd
Wednesday         10th  Nov 2021Susan McKieFocus on technology – LTC Diabetes MDMWAidan McCabe
Wednesday           8th Dec 2021Anna TerjeDemonstrating the benefits that navigators provideSusan McKie, Lynn Anderson

ECHO Knowledge Network

Case Presentation Schedule

Year 2 – 2022

5 Sessions – 11 Education Presentations

Presentation DateCase PresentersCurriculum/Education TopicFacilitator
Wednesday  19th  January 2022 Claire Sharp – Jason Railton SCVO – Digital Inclusion Development Officers  Place-based approach to digital inclusion, developing and supporting digital participation in Scotland  John MacDonald & Lynn Anderson
Wednesday 16th 
February 2022      
Nicola MaherPersonal Development of Project Team (PDP/Lessons Learnt/Shared Learning)Sue Long & Annabelle Lamont
Wednesday 16th 
March 2022           
Aidan McCabeEvaluation of mPower eHealth approaches (ARMED / RITA)  Ewan Marshall & Anna Terje
Wednesday 13th April  2022   Geraldine McKnight & Mairead McCannMDT – Resources / Community Digital Hubs  Peter Mitchell & Nicola Maher
  Wednesday 18th May 2022  Teresa Cawley & Aidan McCabeDementia services (Dovetailing, leveraging mPower resources)  Teresa Cawley &Teresa McGarvey 

mPower ECHO Network joining instructions to register:

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Should you have any queries in relation to registering, please contact Project ECHO.