We are proud of what mPower has achieved and feel excited about what might come next. The impact the project has had, is paving the way for future work across all related areas within relevant health and social care settings.

mPower leaves a strong legacy across all of our partners and services, as well as the third-sector organisations we’ve worked with. We’ve demonstrated that the main approaches of mPower can can be adopted more broadly and sustainably, in the community and at home, in health and care, and by beneficiaries, carers and services. We’ve also proven the benefits of cross-border collaboration and that each jurisdiction has so much to bring to the table.

It is very much hoped that the relationships that have been built and the proven success of the collaboration across all the partner teams will be built upon for the future Interreg VA Peace Plus programme.

Reflections from our mPower Shared Learning Subject Matter Expert – Rodd Bond, Principal of Rodd Bond Innovation Services.