mPower Shared Learning Project Echo Network 2022 Programme

We are delighted to be able to share the mPower Shared Knowledge Echo Network 2022 programme which takes us until the end of May and the closure of the project.

Nicola Maher, mPower Shared Learning Manager said ‘Following such a successful 2021 ECHO Knowledge Network we’re thrilled to be continuing the conversations this year and to be able to carry on with the great learning that took place last year’.

The Network was recently evaluated with some fantastic results, including:

  • Over 95% of participants stating when surveyed, they would like to participate in the mPower network again.
  • 95% of participants agreed the topics delivered where relevant to their role.
  • 48% of participants said they have shared the mPower ECHO learning with other members of staff or services.

More information about the evaluation can be found here and here and to register for any of the ECHO Knowledge Network sessions email

To learn more about the mPower Project ECHO Network see