Introducing Rosemary – ARMED project case study

mPower within Dumfries and Galloway have rolled out a successful trial of the wearable technology ARMED. ARMED which stands for Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection is an innovative prevention and self-management certified medical device. ARMED combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling with wearable technology and health and social care data and is primarily used to predict and prevent falls.

The following story is from Rosemary and is just one example of how the technology has helped beneficiaries who have taken part in the trial:

Rosemary is an 81 year old service user who started receiving care in April 2020 following discharge from hospital. She is described as a very anxious lady, particularly about Covid-19, and could often feel low and lethargic.

In November 2020 mPower funded the trial of ARMED technology. Since joining the trial Rosemary’s mood has lifted quite significantly. The wearable technology and data have motivated her to be more active and she really enjoys getting the feedback on how she is doing. In the evenings while she is watching TV she receives alerts to get up and move around which motivates her to do so.

Before using ARMED, she would just have sat and watched TV and dozed off, whereas she is now in a good routine of getting up and moving around regularly, staying awake until she goes to bed and therefore has a better night’s sleep.

On a physical level, Rosemary’s legs are now much less swollen due to moving around more regularly, therefore it’s now easier for her to get around. Rosemary spoke very highly of the ARMED solution and the positive impact it’s had on her wellbeing.