Benefits of the KOMP device

The mPower  team in the Western Isles has purchased a small number of KOMP  devices to help support people facing the challenge of social isolation. This is proving a specific challenge for many just now during the Corona Virus pandemic and is often felt by those in the most rural locations even during normal times.

The Komp is easy to use and is aimed at people with very limited or no digital skills. It can be used to help people stay connected to family and friends.  It is particularly useful for those who simply struggle to use new technology, and for people with visual or hearing impairments, cognitive or learning difficulties who may struggle with a more standard device.

The team have been able to distribute the devices to those most in need and are already seeing some wonderful feedback from their mPower Service Users and their families.

Via this simple device, family members/friends can send  messages, photos or make video calls , with no complex technology setup or configuration needed and without the need for any social media accounts.

The device enables a user’s family and friends to link directly to the KOMP via an App secured to that KOMP, adding photographs,  text messages and making video calls . . , meaning it is a safe and secure way of enabling the user to stay connected with important others.  

It is like a simple computer but instead of having numerous settings, it is just like a television screen. Without any complex controls, at just the turn of a button it enables video conferencing, photo sharing and text messages to be sent to  the device via the App.

One example of how the KOMP is being used is shared by Deborah MacVicar, whose Dad was lent a KOMP  device through mPower.

Deborah’s Dad was able to connect with his sister, her Aunt, who lives in England and whom he hasn’t seen for many years. They had a video call on Deborah’s Aunt’s birthday and she opened all her cards and presents with her brother there watching and able to be a part of it. She blew out her candles on her cake too whilst they were virtually together. This time together meant to so much to both of them after such a long time apart.

To learn more about Deborah and her Dad’s experience see the video here

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