Southern Trust team uses Tech to connect Care Home residents

mPower team based within Southern Trust uses tech to connect Care Home residents

The team have worked hard to provide most of the Care Homes within the Trust’s region with a pre-loaded digital device allowing residents to stay connected to family, to clinicians and to the outdoors.

Aidan McCabe, mPower Implementation Lead recognised right at the outset of the pandemic, as Care Homes sought to protect residents, that they would very likely face increased isolation and loneliness. Straight away, he and the team got to work in figuring out how mPower could assist.

Aidan worked with Care Home Managers and the Southern Trust to purchase 10 devices and get them SIM enabled with pre-purchased Wi-Fi connectivity so they could be used anywhere in the Home and residents could have private calls with their family, friends and health care professionals.

The devices were cleared of all unnecessary features which might be complicated to someone using them for the first time and pre-loaded with content and features that would be of interest and of benefit to Care Home residents, including music resources, social apps for video calling, content to support emotional and physical wellbeing as well as linking to the outside world and nature resources including live RSPB feeds and similar outdoor spaces.  Because Church services have also been restricted this year, the devices included religious content such as Scriptures as well as general library services where residents could download a whole range of books and magazines. Some residents have even been able to attend funerals virtually where this was made an option as part of the Service.  

The project has literally been an overnight success! Many of the Care Homes told us that after we had delivered the devices, the very next day they were being used and they didn’t go off until they needed to be charged! At least 50% of the Care Home residents have been regularly using the devices, mostly for connecting with friends and family.