mPower partnership working shortlisted for Innovation Award.

mPower is delighted to announce that the work done by the HSE team and in collaboration with the Scottish TEC team, with support from NHS NSS has been shortlisted for the Causeway Innovative Organisation of the Year Award.   

The Scottish Government and NHS Scotland worked to support HSE to increase the accessibility and use of virtual health appointments via the secure service, Attend Anywhere across Ireland. Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, the team in Scotland were planning a phased roll out of the product (called NHS Near Me in Scotland), however Covid-19 meant the team had to significantly accelerate and deliver faster solutions to help alleviate the pressures on the health and social care services and they delivered the project within weeks instead of the planned year or so. The Scottish team supported the Irish government and HSE to set up their own platform and programme, working in collaboration to share solutions at a time when a rapid response was needed in both Scotland and Ireland.