Learn more about Attend Anywhere and how it is being used within HSE.

Attend Anywhere is still in the early stages of implementation, however the use of this new technology as an integral part of health service delivery is increasing, because of the benefits it can provide during and post COVID 19. These include a reduced risk of infection as physical distancing can be maintained; an additional choice of engagement for the patient/client with his/her service provider; an alternative to travel to a clinic saving time, money and potentially the need for a family member to take time off work to accompany a relative to an appointment.  

Attend Anywhere is being used across a range of services within the HSE including Audiology Services, Mental Health services and Physio teams. The National Virtual Health team, incorporating the mPower team have provided the training and support. Over 2000 clinicians have now been trained and the use of the platform continues to expand meaning so many more people can attend their health appointments remotely. 

Watch the video here to see more about how the service works. https://youtu.be/9fIPBItmhgQ