mPower’s response to Covid-19

Since Covid-19 the mPower project partners have increased the use of technology to support the well-being of older people. mPower staff have maintained their support primarily via telephone and has included support for online food deliveries, staying connected with family and health professionals as well as using technology to keep active at home.

Underlining the importance of the project at this time, Gina McIntyre CEO of the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB) said: “Through the dedication and understanding displayed by its core team, this project is helping many of our most vulnerable and elderly citizens through the current crisis. By adapting their delivery, they are ensuring that these groups stay connected with the doctors, and other healthcare professionals, to ensure that they stay physically well.

“Through the use of technology, these groups can retain that vital human contact with friends and family to help combat loneliness; something that it is so very important at this time. I am very proud of their efforts, along with the real and tangible impact they are making upon the lives of so many,” she continued.