mPower using technology to support during lockdown.

The mPower partners are increasingly using technology to continue to help the elderly during lockdown. The teams have seen an increase in referrals over the last two months and have continued to offer support over the telephone instead of the usual face to face visit. The teams have been helping people use technology to organise online food deliveries as well as offering support to stay connected with family over email and or video calls. Physical health has also been an important focus area and the project has been encouraging people to use technology to keep active, especially important when people are restricted in terms of going out. The teams have been guiding people to use their tablet or computer to access online videos for different types of simple exercises that can be done safely in the home and even in a chair for those with limited mobility. For those who don’t have access to the technology required, the Community Navigators have been supporting the beneficiary’s well-being by a simple weekly telephone ‘check in call’.