Webinar with Dr Graham Kramer Wednesday 27th November 11am.

Our latest webinar is with Dr Graham Kramer – he will be speaking about a personalised and self-management approach to healthcare.

This webinar introduces people to Care and Support Planning and the House of Care Framework that enables Primary Care teams  to manage the shift from their current approaches to people living with long-term conditions to one that  aligns with our ambitions of Health, Social and Community integration, Realistic Medicine and supported self-management

Dr Kramer will discuss the current policy landscape of health and social care aspires to encourage personalised, self-management approaches, with people in the driving seat, helping them to achieve their own goals. It promotes wellness and recognises that beneficial outcomes can be achieved not just with medical interventions but through social inclusiveness and community support (“more than medicine”).

Dr Graham Kramer is the Scottish Government’s clinical lead for Self-Management and Health Literacy.  To register email Nicola.Maher@nhs.net