A new digital health intervention for South Leitrim

In South Leitrim HSE CH01, the Chronic Pain Management Team based in Sligo University Hospital referred 3 of their clients to mPower. They were interested in the possibility of being able to have a health consultation from the comfort of their own home and avoid having to travel to the hospital. The mPower team were able to set up them up with Attend Anywhere, a simple to use video calling tool for remote health appointments on their mobile device. All 3 clients gave positive feedback after each had a successful consultation with their clinician. The Sligo clinicians are very enthused by the results and have agreed to refer new clients living in the South Leitrim area who would benefit from using Attend Anywhere. Buoyed by this success the Respiratory Integrated Care Team in Donegal have undertaken Attend Anywhere training and plan to roll the service out there for clients in the near future.